Transformed communities
where young people thrive.

For over sixty years, Fusion has been committed to supporting, mentoring and encouraging young people to step beyond what they know of themselves, to discover their full potential and find their purpose in life. Above all, our commitment is to see communities transformed into places where young people can thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.

On the Mornington Peninsula, our team of highly qualified and passionate youth workers are continually developing and evolving our range of programs to stay ahead of the issues impacting our culture.

Our goal is to mentor and encourage young people to step beyond what they know of themselves, to achieve their full potential and find their purpose in life.

Our values of justice, mercy, compassion, respect and industry are the basis of Fusion’s work with young people. Incorporated into the design, goals, operational practices and delivery of our programs, they undergird our interactions with each other, the young people we work with and the wider community.

Schools programs
and mentorship

We recognise the capacity of young people to learn, challenge themselves, and impact communities. Our Walk Without Home program and Good Neighbour campaign provide students the platform to join with the broader neighbourhood and do just that, while our mentorship programs offer support for targeted students.

camps and daytrips.

From experience, we know how important it is to get young people out of their comfort zone, to a place where they can explore more of their potential.

Day Trips, Camps and short-term Pilgrimage experiences provide the opportunity for young people to discover more of who they are made to be in company with others.


We’re committed to helping prepare young people to make their unique contribution to the world, through our employability programs and pathways to productive work.

Our partnerships with local businesses provide opportunities for young people to develop practical work skills in a real-world setting.

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