Daytrips, Camps
and pilgrimages

Since Fusion began over sixty years ago, we’ve known the value of inviting young people to step outside their comfort zones, to see the world beyond themselves and consider their place and purpose in community.

Day Trips

Our regular weekend and school holiday day trips are an opportunity to engage in both fun recreational activities and to learn about other people and communities.

To find out more, connect with team on 03 5974 1442.


Know the past, change the future

Since its beginning in 2001, Fusion’s Pilgrimage to Uluru has taken young people on a journey to the heart of our nation; a journey that promotes self-discovery and a new perspective on life, empowering them to become educated, passionate, and active ambassadors of reconciliation, committed to a movement of change and transformation across Australia.

Restrictions since 2020, led us to develop state-based pilgrimages, the opportunity for young people to take a journey closer to home as part of Pilgrimage to Country.

Whether a day, weekend or longer journey, young people learn more about the local Aboriginal story of their state, visiting Country, hearing about the experiences of others, so that they can “know the past” and be part of “changing the future”.

Do you want to be part of the next Pilgrimage experience?

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