At Fusion Mornington Peninsula we’re working with families to help them become places of nurture and support where both parents and their children can thrive.

The Families

For more than 25 years, Fusion’s Families Course has been transforming the ways families connect and engage with each other.

Empowering parents and carers with the practical skills they need to build the family they long for, the Families Course is facilitated on the Mornington Peninsula by our Family Support Worker.

for families

Our Fusion Family Support Worker supports and mentors young and vulnerable parents to overcome life’s challenges, empowering them to build the future they want for their family.
Through one-on-one casework and advocacy, young families are supported to work towards their self-identified goals and connected with and taught to navigate the services they need.

To connect with our Family Support Worker call us on (03) 5974 1442.

A story of

“I’ve been working with a young person who faced homelessness with a newborn baby. She experienced significant medical issues, was struggling to get the help she needed and battling with anxiety. This young woman had never been able to rely on anyone or build trust.

Unlike other agencies, we were able to provide the additional time and support she needed; driving her and advocating for her in appointments and taking the time to build trust. That made the difference. Just one example of that is scheduling appointments. To begin with I would make the calls with her, then I would sit with her while she made calls and now, she is making the calls for herself!

She is navigating transport, making appointments, advocating for herself and her baby, budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking, all because someone took the time to believe in her and role model how to do those things. She has enrolled in school, is finishing her secondary studies and is working with a GP who has helped her understand her medical issues, relieving her anxiety that her child was going to experience this too.

This support has shifted habits and self-belief and I have no doubt that it has changed this family’s life.”

Family Support Worker

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