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Fusion’s Families Course is an initiative of Fusion Australia.      This short course, supports parents, grandparents, and caregivers to develop a picture of the family they want, encouraging them to learn and build new skills and strategies and strengthen old ones to grow a family that thrives.

The Families course is flexible and can be run in a variety of formats and time frames. Covers eight topics, the course forms a framework to support warm, strong and healthy family relationships.

Topics include Understanding Ages and Stages, Being Positive, Dealing with Conflict, Effective Discipline, Building Values and Culture, Connecting through Nurturing Skills, Honesty in Relationships and the Journey to Independence.

Parents are encouraged to reflect on their own parenting style and to build on the strengths they bring to their family life each day. The Families Course provides a wonderful opportunity for parents, grandparents or carers to stop and consider their own values, hopes and dreams for their family and families around them.

“I was blown away at how on-point the topics were. Every class, I walked away with immediate actions I could take. Thanks to this course, my family and I have redesigned our values together. Highly recommend it!”

2021 Participant




Fusion Mornington Peninsula offers Family casework for young families under 25 experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Mentoring is available to any parent/caregiver post-participation in the Families course. It offers a 6-week opportunity to meet with a mentor for an hour a week to look more closely at the topics from the Families Course.



Playgroups are a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with your little one through creative and sensory play.

Where: 91 Robertson Drive Mornington

When: Every Tuesday in the school term. 9.30am till 10:30ish

Who: Anyone (with a child from 0 to Preschool)

What (to bring): Water bottle and fruit snack (don’t stress if you forget were on it) and don’t forget DRESS FOR MESS!

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