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We have a long history of working with schools on the Mornington Peninsula, providing support, recreation and purpose to local students.

Our goal is to mentor and encourage young people to step beyond what they know of themselves, to discover their full potential and find their purpose in life.
We’ll work with school staff to design programs to best meet the needs of the unique school community.

We would love the opportunity to tailor and adapt programs to support your students to thrive. Areas of focus include:

• Breakfast clubs, lunchtime programs and chaplaincy: creating safe spaces that support students to navigate life.

• Social Involvement Programs: supporting students to consider a range of social issues including: Aboriginal and Indigenous reconciliation, Home and Belonging, Conflict Resolution and Identity.

• Mentoring Programs: helping young people to feel connected and develop workplace skills.

• Leadership Development: empowering students to make a positive difference in their school and community.

Activity outreach

Committed to creating opportunity for all local young people to thrive, our youth team uses their creativity to work with local communities to support the next generation at their point of need.

Group mentoring

Working in communities where there is limited access to recreational activities locally, Fusion is partnering with Frankston North Salvation Army to support and mentor young people through their late primary and high school years. This is a core part of our mentorship program and allows young people to be connected with youth workers and volunteers to learn life skills, have new experiences, and connect with supportive adults.

Find out more by calling us on 03 5974 1442.

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