September 24th – 28th, 2018.

We’re taking over Merricks Lodge Campsite again!
Join us for a 5 day, action packed camp for high-school aged young people on the Mornington Peninsula. Participate in a range of activities such as Splat Ball, Horse Riding, Gravity Zone, Hot Springs and games developed by the collaborative team of youth workers from across the Peninsula. Campers are also invited to participate in daily sessions, unpacking themes of life, being a teenager and elements of the Christian faith.

Cost – $280. This covers accommodation, food and an amazing week of activities.
Rego’s close Friday September 14th

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Young people in our community are increasingly facing issues of alienation, bullying, violence, substance abuse and family breakdown. They are commonly detached from the world around them and struggle to see themselves in relation to others. The effects of this were highlighted in the Shire’s Communities That Care 2012 Report, revealing that young people on the Mornington Peninsula are 10% more likely to experience depressive symptoms than the rest of the state; nearly one- third had recently been bullied. 

Smash Camp seeks to strengthen community networks, providing the space and pathways for young people to connect with other peers and youth leaders. The 5 day camp is run annually at Merricks Lodge, during the September School Holidays.

Throughout the camp’s 7 year history, it has seen a vast number of young people develop their confidence, influence and self efficacy. Thanks to the team of local volunteer youth workers, the camp provides an opportunity for local young people to develop new skills, participate in unique experiences, challenging activities, and strengthen their sense of belonging in the local community.

Campers also participate in daily sessions where they are encouraged to delve deeper into themes of life, purpose and elements of the Christian faith.