Pilgrimage To Uluru

Know the Past, Change the Future.

The Annual Pilgrimage to Uluru is a journey to the very heart of Australia. We take a bus load of adventurous high school students and youth workers from the edges of Australia, and head inwards. It’s a chance to see our country in a whole new way, and an opportunity to do something that many Australians will never experience. We take the chance to hang out with Aboriginal communities along the way, to give a broad picture of how our history has affected modern Australia.

our Next trip is April 2020

TRAVEL is by modern coach with a company that is experienced in outback travel.
TENTS are provided and most nights we stay in Caravan Parks
FOOD all provided in the cost.

COST $1200 + Suggested $100 for souvenirs and presents.

LEADERSHIP there are older adults supported by younger adults and older teenagers who have done Fusion training or been on the Pilgrimage.

“You go to awesome places. I learnt about myself, met lots of new friends and had so much fun.” – Brooke, Narrandera



“We learn about Indigenous communities around Australia. The Pilgrimage can help change you, and help open your eyes to the things around you. I wouldn’t look at the world the same after this.” – Kayla, Victoria


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