Help Make A Difference!

The extraordinary work of Fusion Mornington Peninsula has flourished for nearly 35 years because of the dedication and commitment of local people. Participating in one of our fundraising events (or running your own) not only helps to raise awareness of the issues facing young people today, but also provides a platform where you and your networks can invest in the belief that, “when we care and come together, hope is possible for everyone.”

Give up your bed for the night, overcome 30+ obstacles in our military style race or co-ordinate your own fundraiser! Whatever you decide, your actions are ensuring that Fusion can continue to make a difference locally.

Join the story of ordinary folk, doing extraordinary things to strengthen the lives of young people in our local community! Gather your friends and be empowered as you create real change in our community!

Fundraising Events:

Fusion hosts a range of fundraising events that we would love to see you at. Read More about the Fundraising events that we host and how you co-ordinate your own fundraiser!

Co-ordinate Your Own Fundraiser

You have the opportunity to play a unique role in helping transform the lives of vulnerable young people on the Mornington Peninsula.

By co-ordinating a fundraiser for Fusion, you are able to utilise your unique gifts and networks to raise finances for a specified area of Fusion’s work, for example: homelessness, leadership development, youth work, or where it’s most needed.

From hosting a trivia night or dinner party, to doing a fun run or organising a bake sale at school/work, you can do something about caring for young people doing it tough in our community. With only a small parcel of government funding, whatever you decide helps ensure that Fusion can continue to make a difference locally!

What to Know More?

Want to know more about an upcoming fundraiser? Want to speak with one of Fusion’s fundraising consultants? Contact us to find out how you can help build a sense of community and belonging, and help care for some of the most vulnerable young people living on the Mornington Peninsula.



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