Stories have the power to change hearts, build bridges and facilitate the cultural shifts necessary to see People with Life, Achieved Purpose and Belonging.

Fusion Mornington Peninsula use the following tools to advocate for some of the most vulnerable in our community:

  • empathetic learning
  • experiential learning
  • story-telling

More of specific advocacy tools and events:

Sleep In Your Car

On any given night in Australia there are 105,000 people experiencing homelessness. These people are our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours.

Homelessness is a complex issue affecting more than a hundred thousand people across our country. It can touch anyone at any time and there is no one-fix solution. Sleep In Your Car is an action to respond and prevent people experiencing homelessness in Australia; it strengthened the networks of support that are out there and celebrated communities that can better care for people when they need it most.
Through our Art Installations, Homelessness Simulation, Learning Hub, Keynote Talks and storytelling, citizens are given a more informed perspective on the complexities surrounding homelessness. Participants leave the community event with the tools and dreams to better care for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

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‘engaged’ is a program designed for high school aged participants that aims to promote awareness, understanding and critical engagement of a range of social issues and injustices that affect young people in the local and global community.

Throughout ‘engaged’, participants are encouraged to brainstorm practical ways that they can become active change-makers and community influencers. ‘engaged’ seeks to involve students through content delivery, dialogue, creative engagement and experiential learning, appealing to a range of learning styles.

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The Pilgrimage of Origin

“Australia has always been a multi- cultural country.” – Robert Taylor, Nukanu man, Port Augusta.

Learn about where we all come from.

Explore real life stories of immense courage, heartbreak and triumph.

Discover life is so much more than what we have ever perceived it to be.

The Pilgrimage of Origin is a journey through the diversity of Australia’s cultures. Together on a bus, we journey for 4 days, spending time with a range of communities that have established themselves in Australia after seeking asylum.

Targeted at high – school aged young people, the Pilgrimage of Origin has been shaped by influencers such as Abdi Aden (Author of Shining: A lucky Man), ASRC and a range of our neighbours who now call Australia Home.

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The Pilgrimage to Uluru

Know the Past, Change the Future.

The Pilgrimage to Uluru is a journey to the very heart of Australia. We take a bus load of high school students and youth workers from the edges of Australia, and head inwards. The Pilgrimage is a chance to see our country in a whole new way, hear the stories of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, and learn how our history has affected modern Australia.

Since 2001, our annual Pilgrimage to Uluru has seen thousands of young people experience a cultural shift towards reconciliation.

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The Walk Without Home

Developed and executed by Fusion Mornington Peninsula’s team, the Walk Without Home shares some of the stories of young people who we have lived alongside.
This experiential learning tool invites people to experience what it can be like for a young people experiencing homelessness in our community: the services they may access, the gaps they fall through and the impact it can have on their future.

Here’s what Frankston Rotary member, Peter, 69, had to say after experiencing the simulation:

“I have a greater empathy for youth at risk. I was asked to leave Frankston High at a young age and looking back I can see that life could have been very different for me. If I had not had (my family’s) love and support, I don’t know where I would be.”

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Hear from the locals who have been creating over 35 years of belonging for at-risk youth experiencing homelessness on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our speakers can offer insight into what life is like for someone experiencing homelessness and the issues surrounding homelessness. Themes Include:

  • stories from the front line of this grassroots mission
  • the facts on homelessness, drugs and alcohol, mental health and family violence
  • how you can be a catalyst towards change.

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